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We appreciate meeting new people and seeing our repeat customers at each craft fair.  We have no upcoming shows.

Meanwhile, visit one of our locations in Brevard County, FL:

- The Funky Mermaid 2: Atlantic Plaza, A1A, Satellite Beach

- The Funky Mermaid 3: 376 North Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach

Pictured at right: 

Cindy with daughter and craft fair assistant Shania

Custom GPS Location signs

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Who is the Pallet Man?

Pallet Man Designs is the collaboration of husband and wife team, Peter and Cindy Campbell.  Peter was involved in all aspects of construction, including excavation, finish carpentry, and building throughout his life in Vermont.  After moving to Florida 9 years ago he decided to create a bench out of pallets.  He enjoyed using his creativity and his benches were well received.  When he suggested doing a local craft fair to his wife, Cindy, she wholeheartedly agreed.

Cindy also grew up in Vermont and throughout her life used both sides of her brain.  (Using your full brain is always a good start, right?).  An accountant by education, numbers and right brain thinking comes naturally to her.  However, her creativity was always screaming to come out.  Soon after college she started a side business of custom stenciling walls in people’s homes.  Hobbies throughout her life have included drawing, scrapbooking, and creating video shows of her dogs at agility trials.

​So, back to that conversation between Peter and Cindy regarding craft fairs.  As a craft fair enthusiast, Cindy realized a successful craft vendor must offer items in a smaller price point than a bench.  “I’ll make some signs”, she suggested.  Well, that was the beginning, and how the Pallet Man evolved to being a little more Pallet Woman. 

Pallet Man Designs prides itself on utilizing reclaimed materials.  It started with pallets.  And then Hurricane Matthew hit central Florida in October 2016.  All that free material just piled up on the side of the road!  And to think homeowners will even help you load it in your truck to get it off their lawn!

We hope you join us in this journey to transform reclaimed wood into beautiful items for your home or office.  We love what we do!

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